History & Examination

Your initial Chiropractic consultation will begin with completion of a registration and health history form which will be sent to your email prior to your consultation. The initial consultation is when your Chiropractor really gets to listen and understand your current health complaints. They will also find out your personal health goals and what you want to get out of your Chiropractic care.

A detailed health history will be taken, not only regarding your current health status but may also include: mode of onset, frequency, progression, previous medical history/injuries and visits to other healthcare professionals. After the history has been completed the physical examination will take place. Your Chiropractor will carefully examine the function of your joints, muscles and nervous system, using specific orthopaedic and neurological testing.

Your chiropractor will then compile all the information and present their thoughts and findings to you. Treatment usually happens on the second visit after a full report of findings, however advice and treatment may be given.

Occasionally, after our initial assessment we may deem it necessary to refer for further investigations. This may be a referral to your medical Doctor, Consultant or for imaging studies. In this case we will organise a referral to Carlanderska hospital where digital X-rays and MRI can be obtained.


Report of findings

During this, your second visit your chiropractor will explain in detail the results of the initial consultation and go through any imaging or further investigations that were required. The diagnosis and underlying root cause of your complaint will be explained and you will have the chance to ask questions. Your Chiropractor will also outline your personal care plan and/ or treatment options.

If you are then happy with all the information you have received and want to commence with Chiropractic care, we can then begin with your first treatment. If at this time, you feel that you want to take time to digest all the information and book in for your first treatment on another day, this is also acceptable.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised and caring approach to treatment and your wellbeing.


Chiropractors are specialists in whole body function, looking with special expertise in muscle, joint and nerve function.

Chiropractors use specific treatment protocols and methods to help improve the bodies functioning systems. In our clinic are Chiropractors use a multitude of techniques such as: Diversified, Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Functional Neurology and Activator method among many more.

Treatment sessions are shorter than the initial consultation and report of findings, however, we will ensure that you receive that specific treatment you need during this time. If additional time is required there will be no extra fee. Each one of these treatment visits builds on the last, as your body begins to heal and you become accustomed to Chiropractic care.

We may also advise other therapies, such as massage, personal training, Yoga or additional home care activities to be used at certain stages of your care plan.