Neck pain

  • Almost half of all patients visiting the Chiropractor are due to problems in the Neck.
  • The functions of the neck, or the cervical spine, are complicated and contribute greatly to
    the Neuro,- musculoskeletal system with an emphasis on the effects it has on the nervous system.
  • The Chiropractor is a specilist in examining, diagnosing and treating problems in the neck and related structures.

Acute Neck pain

  • An acute episod of neck pain commonly occurs very suddenly, without any reason or direct trauma.
  • Commonly the acute neck discomfort is due to a underlying cause which has developed into a functional deficit in the joints and muscles of the neck.

Common symptoms

  • The neck gets restricted suddenly or when waking up. Stiffness from surrounding muscles and pain is common.
  • It very common to wake up in the morning with difficulties moving the head in a certain direction.
  • The pain is often specifically located by the patient accompanied by a endevours to hold the head very still and restricted to allwavieate the pain.


  • Tension due to stress, intense concentration, irritation, loud and constant and poor light for example when reading
  • Vision and sight problems. If your eyes are under constant strain it may affect the neck musculature.
  • Uncomfortable working positions or working posture.
  • Draft from the wind, especially from one side or behind.
  • Poor sleeping due to uncomfortable bed, pillow etc.

Chronic neck pain

  • If the neck pain lasts more than 3 months – the problem is referred to as chronic.
  • Chronic pain after neck injuries are very common.
  • These chronic problems are commonly caused by faulty posture and movment patterns which usually are latent in there onset.
  • Neck pain may progress into several different symptoms. The neck pain may be accompanied by:
    • Pain between the shoulder blades and low back.
    • Radiating pain into shoulder blade, arms and hands.
    • Dizziness, numbness, headaches and facial pain and irritation.
  • It is important to seek help and guidance early on to achieve the best opportunity to heal and recover.


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Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel David palmer in the USA. Since then the profession has grown and developed significantly. The Chiropractor sees nine times more back pain patients than the average physiotherapist and seventeen times more than the average medical doctor.

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