Back pain

  • 4 out of 5 people experience back pain at some point
  • Half of the population experienced back pain this year
  • 1 out of 10 have back pain at this moment in time
  • Many people experience that the Chiropractor helps them with there back pain
  • The Chiropractor is a specialist in examining, diagnosing and treating problems in the spine and related structures of the back.

Low back pain

The most common area affected in back pain is the lumbar spine, which is the low back. It affects all ages and may be caused by several different reasons. The Chiropractor specialises in the neuro-musculoskeletal system and posses a large amount of diagnostic and treatment experience in regards to low back pain.

  • Symptoms
    • Pain and stiffness in the low back, worse in the mornings and when sitting
    • Feeling of instability
    • Low back fatigue and tieredness
    • Radiating pain into hip and buttock

Midback pain

  • Pain inbetween the shoulderblades in the midback is common and is reffered to as Thoracic spine pain
  • In todays world with increased hours spent in front of a computer at a desk with rounded shoulders, anterior head posture and tensed arms it may not be so strange that alot of people suffer from stiffness and pain in the midback.
  • Many people get scared or anxious when they feel pain in this area of the body as many people think of a potential problem with the heart or lungs
    • A Chiropractor with an international university degree is trained to detect and diagnose potentially threatening conditions which may need referral to a medical doctor.
    • Approximatley 1 out of 5 people actually do have a heart condition. It is much more common to have midback pain due to less threatning problems such as Joint and muscle dysfunction.

Acute low back pain

  • Acute low back pain is usually very painful and abrupt in its onset, however mostly harmless in its nature.
    • It usually happens suddenly and causes intense pain in the lower region of the back, the lumbar spine, which results in problems walking and moving
    • There may be many different causes for acute low back pain and sometimes complex underlying reasons – thus it is important to get a correct diagnosis to limit possibilities of recurrence and chronicity
    • In some cases acute low back pain may become persistent which is called chronic and may progress into radiating leg pain, also known as sciatica

Sciatica and legpain

  • Sciatica and legpain may occur if nerves in the low back get irritated or compressed
  • The Sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and extends from the low back down into the foot
    • The nerve is collection of many individual nerves which exit from different levels in the low back
    • On its journey down the leg it innervates strucutres such as muscles, joints, ligaments and vasculature
  • Irritation of one or more nerves may result in a radiating pain into the leg, numbness, parastesia and loss of strength.
  • If you experience pain into the leg it is recommended that you visit a Chiropractor to establish the correct diagnose and provide appropriate care.
  • Appropriate treatment at an early stage may shorten disability and help promote rehabilitation.

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