• To regain and optimise function of the neuro-musculosketal system.
  • To help patients regain quality of life in their activites of daily living.
  • To help educate our patients about on exercises, stretches or relaxation techniques which may be utilised to maintain a healthy and pain free body.


Our team of Chiropractors always strive to offer the latest and most up to date treatment methods. We constantly keep updating our knowledge endeavoring to provide the most versatile treatment methods custom made for each individual.


Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel David palmer in the USA. Since then the profession has grown and developed significantly. The Chiropractor sees nine times more back pain patients than the average physiotherapist and seventeen times more than the average medical doctor.

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Visiting the Chiropractor

What does the process look like when I go to see the Chiropractor? What can I expect?

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