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Chiropractor in Gothenburg & Kungälv

Established in 1965, with over 80 years of experience, we, as a legitimate chiropractor, have been entrusted with helping thousands of individuals with back pain, neck blockage, sciatica, frozen shoulder, migraine headaches to achieve better health. Receives specialist training in neuroscience / neurology as well as sports / sports injuries. Legitimate chiropractor. Daily emergency times.

Kiropraktor Center specialises in examination, diagnosis and treatment of muscles, joints and nerves

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EBC specilises in examination, diagnosis and treatment of complex chronic functional neurological deficits

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Our Chiropractors have an academic university degree in chiropractic, credited by the National Board of Health and receive most specialist training. We work with great commitment, long experience and solid knowledge to contribute to better health, pain relief and performance enhancement to promote well-being. We are a leader in the industry and are constantly working to give our patients the best possible treatment. Through our clinker we turn to old and young people with the patient at the center and health in focus.