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  • We observe and interact with our environment everyday using our six senses.
  • All our impressions and interactions, everyday – change the functionality and structure of the brain – so we can adapt and thrive in our environment.
    • This concept is called Neuroplasticity and is a well accepted evidence-based theory within the literature.
  • One of the main principals of Neuroplasticity is that activation of the nervous sytem promotes rewiring and structural changes to the brain
    • The principals of Neuroplasticity can be used specifically in treatment to optimize the function of the brain, increase well being and promote health.
    • The Chiropractor uses several different techniques and applications to bias stimulation to specific parts of the brain to promote effective Neuroplastic changes.

Neuron Health

The neuron needs 3 KEY COMPONENTS to stay healthy:



  • Structural, chemical or mental strain from our environment may disrupt the balance in one or more of these key components resulting in a unhealthy or damaged neuron.
  • The disruption in neuronal function may manifest as symptoms in the body linked directly or indirectly to the functionally depressed areas in the brain or its widespread and complex communication networks.

Education & Safety

  • The nervous system is very complex and sensitive in its functionality. This command center controls and monitors every cell, organ and structure in the body.

For patient safety, best possible care and diagnosis – it is absolutely critical that the practitioner is competent (licensed/certified) and understands the nervous system for a correct, safe and productive examination, diagnosis and treatment.

  • All Chiropractors working at EBC additionally have:
    • 5-6 year internationally accredited Chiropractic university degree
    • Minimum of 3-5 years of clinical neuroscience and neurology post graduate education


  • Evidence-based objective diagnostic tests
  • Full neurological bedside exam

These diagnostic tests are carried out to allow the practicioner to answer the following questions:

  • Which areas of the nervous system is affected and at what level of the neuroaxis?
  • To what degree are the areas affected?
  • What care or treatment is most appropriate?
  • Is it safe to return to play after an impact? (Icehockey, Football etc)
  • Diagnosis

How does it work?



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