EBC are proud to present our Brain Optimisation program for peak performance. Regardless of if you’re an elite athlete, participate in regular exercise or want to increase productivity at work this program is aimed to increase performance, quality of life and wellbeing.

Your performance and wellbeing depend on your abilities to perceive what is heppening around you, integrate the information and make a correct decision at the right time. This is what sports and business are all about – the ability to act quickly in response to your interpretation of your surroundings.

Whether you are an Elite Athlete, Business executive or just want to optimise your daily living you should consider a functional analysis of your nervous system.

How do you optimize the nervous system?

Daily requirements, deadlines and the pressure to perform as an athlete or executive requires your nervous system to work to the best of its abilities for high performance.

For the individual with a packed schedule, high demands and a constant pressure to perform it is easy to push the boundaries of what the nervous system can handle which may result in a functional deficit.

These functional deficits could be the difference between good communication and poor communication, good decisions and poor decisions, a good business strategy or a bad one…the list goes on

Sometimes, especially in a competitive market, it may be a fine line between success and failure. This is why elite athletes or executives always seek to execute good habits, be well prepared and strive for peak performance when its required.

EBC offer an advanced and detailed analysis of your nervous system to find the potential functional deficits and how these relate to your performance

What EBC offers?

  • EBC’s program for Brain Optimisation is for the individual with high ambitions or with high demands on performance under pressure. You want to push the boundaries and you’re looking for an edge in order to be one step ahead of the competition
  • EBC offers:
    • Advanced evidence based examination with cutting edge instruments to analyse areas of the brain related to:
      • Focus
      • Concentration
      • Motivation
      • Decision making
      • Stress
    • Advanced examination of your muscles and joints and the relation to your nervous system and performance

We understand that results matter

  • After your first baseline examination you will receive a report of your results and an explanation how they relate to your performance and wellbeing.
  • We prepare a custom made rehabilitation plan to optimise the indicated areas related to functional deficits.
  • At the end of your rehabilitation phase we will perform another examination in order to compare your results. This way you will get a clear picture of the results

6 February, 2018